Friday, July 30, 2010

Will you be a fossil?

Another month nearly gone, another day has begun, another minute has just past, another opportunity to serve our Savior is at hand. Will we let it pass unnoticed? How will we impact the world? My son found a fossil in the yard. I was fascinated that the markings of the past, were so vivid in the present. I began considering the future, how will I leave an ongoing mark? What will my legacy become?

At nearly 40 years old, I see how my past has good and bad consequences on those around me and myself. My sin had been hurtful, yet brilliant warnings of bad choices. Lessons learned by watching another’s mistakes is an amazing wisdom. Lessons learned by my own mistakes has brought upon a painful knowledge. However, lessons learned by communication with God has brought me to an understanding that true wisdom and knowledge comes from Him!

How will your life impact the choices others make? What do you see when you look in the mirror? How deeply do those around you see? Are they stopping at skin-deep? I doubt it. Even a stranger notices personality, attitude, and body language before they notice the color of your eyes, the wrinkles forming around your mouth, or the choice of shoes you are wearing.

I just encourage you (as well as myself) to face each moment as a chance to show off our amazing Savior. Do you reveal Him to others by your lifestyle? What impression will you leave on the world? Who will find remains of your spirituial fossil? What will they discover about the life you lived?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Indescribable blessing…

Indescribable blessing…

I have spent the last five years of my life journaling, jotting thoughts on napkins, stopping in traffic to scribble a thought on a receipt found in the floor board of my car. Writing is what I enjoy. Throughout those five years, I have managed to compile a forty chapter book. My hard working editor explained how I needed to begin writing the back cover of my book.
No problem, I mean at the max two paragraphs … how difficult can that be? After all, my book is about God’s transforming power, strength, forgiveness, and love. While in turn it first takes you through my degrading lifestyle of sin and how I was bound by defeat. I wrote my small “sermon” and sent it to the editor. In her loving boldness, she scolded me! She asked, “Who are you writing this for Christians or lost people?” She encouraged me to relate to those still bound.

Hard as I tried, much as I prayed … those once familiar feelings of defeat were so far from my heart and mind that words could not describe the death I once felt. I cried, I read over my own book, I read journals from when I detoxified, I recalled the first hug I felt from my children I abandon, I imagined sitting on the plastic cot behind bars yet nothing could bring back those emotions of hopelessness.

Had God blessed me so much that not even my memories could defeat me? Oh yes, He has renewed my mind, restored my family and remolded me after reaching down in the miry clay and saving His lost daughter! Not only is my past beyond description to me now, but also the way God blesses me is indescribable!!!

Thank You Jesus.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Questions anyone?

To search, is that the same as wondering with action behind your thoughts? Regret, is that to live in the past instead of move forward in life? No matter the question why do some answer with a positive remark while others can only focus on the negative? What makes the human race so different?  Why is it you can destroy an ant hill and yet they just work hard to rebuild ... not give up and bake in the sun?  When the wind blows do you enjoy the coolness on your face or fuss because it messes up your hair?  Do you think a fish ever gets tired of water? So why is it so many are feedup with their surroundings?  How can a bird build a nest out of dead twigs and leaves that have floated to the ground, yet humans aren't happy with their cozy homes?  Life has so many unanswered questions, so many different people but only one Savior.  If you haven't answered the question of where will you go when you die ... well, then do the questions about this life really matter?