Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Indescribable blessing…

Indescribable blessing…

I have spent the last five years of my life journaling, jotting thoughts on napkins, stopping in traffic to scribble a thought on a receipt found in the floor board of my car. Writing is what I enjoy. Throughout those five years, I have managed to compile a forty chapter book. My hard working editor explained how I needed to begin writing the back cover of my book.
No problem, I mean at the max two paragraphs … how difficult can that be? After all, my book is about God’s transforming power, strength, forgiveness, and love. While in turn it first takes you through my degrading lifestyle of sin and how I was bound by defeat. I wrote my small “sermon” and sent it to the editor. In her loving boldness, she scolded me! She asked, “Who are you writing this for Christians or lost people?” She encouraged me to relate to those still bound.

Hard as I tried, much as I prayed … those once familiar feelings of defeat were so far from my heart and mind that words could not describe the death I once felt. I cried, I read over my own book, I read journals from when I detoxified, I recalled the first hug I felt from my children I abandon, I imagined sitting on the plastic cot behind bars yet nothing could bring back those emotions of hopelessness.

Had God blessed me so much that not even my memories could defeat me? Oh yes, He has renewed my mind, restored my family and remolded me after reaching down in the miry clay and saving His lost daughter! Not only is my past beyond description to me now, but also the way God blesses me is indescribable!!!

Thank You Jesus.

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