Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Questions anyone?

To search, is that the same as wondering with action behind your thoughts? Regret, is that to live in the past instead of move forward in life? No matter the question why do some answer with a positive remark while others can only focus on the negative? What makes the human race so different?  Why is it you can destroy an ant hill and yet they just work hard to rebuild ... not give up and bake in the sun?  When the wind blows do you enjoy the coolness on your face or fuss because it messes up your hair?  Do you think a fish ever gets tired of water? So why is it so many are feedup with their surroundings?  How can a bird build a nest out of dead twigs and leaves that have floated to the ground, yet humans aren't happy with their cozy homes?  Life has so many unanswered questions, so many different people but only one Savior.  If you haven't answered the question of where will you go when you die ... well, then do the questions about this life really matter?

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