Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have recently had the awesome opportunity to reunite with an old friend. After the shock wore off, it was like the twenty years never separated us. At nearly forty, I have a difficult time remembering the names of many childhood playmates. However, even as a teenager, there were people I vowed I’d never forget. Then time goes by, I may recall a face or even a name but there is something missing. Yes, that giggly feeling that made us pals has evaporated into days gone by. Strangely, I cannot put my finger on what exactly I liked about that person or what we could have had in common. That must define an acquaintance.
A person I am sure I thought was funny or nice, but why did I label him or her a friend? I think the test may come when time ticks on and on, thou you lose contact the memories are vivid. For one to find a friend in life is a treasure that needs not be buried. Webster defines a friend as: one attached to another by affection or esteem. Wow! That must be that giggly feeling I have each time I hear my friends voice. The many changes that surround ones life cannot change the impact a friend has on another. As I reminisce, it is clear to me why this person became my friend. I can hear laughter of old times, muse over time spent together, and ask all the “what ifs”. I don’t resent the many years spent apart, but yet I rejoice over the opportunity to hug my friend once more. To laugh, share, and know the true meaning of a friend.

Proverbs 17:17a   A friend loves at all times ...

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