Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Change, good or bad?

Is all change bad? I think not. I have had the opportunity to manage a Christian Bookstore for the last three years. I feel it has been my boot camp to learn to witness to any and every one that has a need. No matter the circumstance, prayer, or praise I became a stranger’s friend. Whether the customer was a repeat or first timer, a Christian or a lost person, a male or female and no matter the race I became ears that listened. Recently there has been a change, God allowed that door to shut, I now see God blessed me with that season for a reason. For the last couple of weeks I have been unemployed and have been overwhelmed with the opportunities to witness to a dying world. I have this hunger, responsibility, and passion to tell others about our awesome Savior! I have been sad about not ministering to my daily customers, but I have found a new joy in taking my training to the streets. Most lost people don’t linger in Christian Bookstores, now I can go to them where ever they are. I find myself striking up conversations at gas pumps, grocery lines, and doctor office waiting rooms. What an awesome God we serve!!! Will you tell somebody or pass up that lost soul? Just wear a shirt that says, “I am okay with the fact that you are going to hell.” That may seem harsh, but that is what your silence says. God bless you in your journey today.

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