Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

So, it is Father's Day and we went to church to celebrate our Heavenly Father and our earthly fathers.  Strange as it was I kept silently praying for the fatherless.  I sat on the pew with a young man who admitted he never knew his father ... never, not one conversation, not one hug, not even one photo.  How will this young man know how to be a father? His grandfather had passed when he was young, and his mom never married.  Who does he look to for an example? The Heavenly Father is our role model, true enough.  However, I looked around the church as the Godly men sat with a smile. Almost as if they where reassured they had performed their responsibilities as a Godly head of household, Godly father, and Godly provider of their home.  I caught this young man watch as we each stood and thanked God for our fathers,  with curiosity in his eyes.  Was it desire to have a father like the blessed members who stood to testify or was it hope that he too would become that Godly husband, father, and provider?  Maybe a little of both.  May God quench his thirst.

I want to praise God for giving me a double blessing :) Yes, my dad (James Fry) and my step-dad (Wilburn Bagwell), are both a blessing to my life.  They are both Godly men.  Their prayers, devotion, endurance, faithfulness, and lifestyle has been an inspiration to live as Christian lady.  It is because of the strong relationship I have with them that I am able seek such a intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father. I am thankful for the men they are and the God we serve. 

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