Monday, June 28, 2010


Life is not meant to be so fun!!! Seriously you see people in cars, in the store, walking down the sidewalk, and 90% of the them are not smiling :) Come on people are our cheek muscles that out of shape?  I have been unemployed for 3 weeks, the bills come and go,  my children still desire to eat, and yet I find it a joy to wear a smile.  My joy comes from the Lord.  Won't you allow Him to brighten your day? 

Reality:  Life is hard.

Exception:  Life is better lived for the Giver of Life.

You know,  we will always have problems that don't have solutions, so why not just be okay with accepting some Peace while you endure life's hardship.  It is okay,  go ahead grin (and bear it!) 

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