Thursday, June 17, 2010


My daughter, Rheanna, is 16 years old, and has a summer job babysitting. I went to check on her Monday, as I drove off her cell phone road on the top of my car down the bumpy gravel driveway. Oblivious to her screaming, jumping up and down, and waving her arms I traveled on. Not wanting to be left with an eight and four year old and no phone she went door to door with hopes of using someone’s phone. Finally, a lady opened the trailer door and allowed Rheanna to walk the path I drove while calling her cell phone. Once she retrieved the phone out of a ditch, she went to return the ladies phone and thank her. It was then Rheanna noticed the young boy with mental and physical complications. As my daughter thanked the lady, the lady (Mary) began explaining how thankful she was to have some one knock on her door and speak to her. They visited and Mary explained that her son’s condition made it difficult to leave the house and then admitted she never had company either. I was so touched as Rheanna called and told me the situation. I began praying for Mary and her son. I woke up the next day with a hunger to visit this lonely lady. As I drove into her drive way, a young boy slung the door open and began shouting at me. I took a deep breath and walked up, explained to Mary who I was. I thanked her for being so kind to my daughter. The pain, sorrow, and lack of hope in Mary’s eyes tore at my heart. The boy was beating on my legs and speaking rapidly, but I could not understand the message he tried so desperately to tell me. Mary was covered in a veil of shame … and why? Because she had been looked down upon or neglected by the world. Why is it Christians don’t stand out more? I hear people say God is lifting His hand off the United States. Well, as Christians WE ARE RESPENTING HIM, so if God is not being seen so clearly … we aren’t doing our purpose of revealing the Light to the darkness. As I invited Mary to church. She admitted, she had tried many times but the congregation could not hear the preacher due to her son’s uncontrollable fits. I explained we had children’s church in the back. Still, concern coated her eyes. Then I told her how many members at Parker Baptist happen to be in the medical field and her son would be taken care of during the sermon. Today is Thursday, Mary has agreed to let me call her on Saturday to confirm our arrangements Sunday morning. Had this woman imprisoned in her own home cried out to God? Had God sent my daughter to knock on her door? Has an opportunity passed us by today? Do we even see the surrounding evil as a chance to witness to others? Who have you invited to God’s house lately? I have invited Mary and her son, please pray with me that they both come and leave with God in their hearts. Thank you. God bless.

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  1. This was such an awesome post, Lisa. This is exactly the kind of situation that we are supposed to be on the watch for: a chance to love the broken and hurting. I pray that you guys continue to have the opportunities and boldness to share the Love that we have been shown. I was encouraged by your comment on my post the other day, I have just gotten on here for the first time in a little while, so I just now saw it. I continue to pray that God opens all sorts of amazing doors for you, and I look forward to reading your published book!!!